Reverse Teeth Chain with Rocking Pin Joint

Reverse tooth chain with swing pin joint, for example, transmission chains in the form of reverse tooth chains (also known as silent chains) are used to meet higher power transmission requirements such as vehicle transport systems. In addition to kinematically optimizing the threaded connections with the threaded teeth, the randomization principle is also applied, ie the fitting of threaded connecting plates with a different contour from the standard plates. The surprising standard and non-standard link plates break the monotony of the contact pulses and as a result the chain noise becomes unobtrusive.

To further reduce friction losses, reverse tooth chain with rocker pin joint is used. A rocker pin link includes two rocker pins; one pin is fixed to the thread connecting plates of the inner link and the other is fixed to the thread connecting plates of the outer link. The two pins then roll against each other as they enter and exit the sprocket. You can get information about this product through our company by filling out the request form or clicking the contact button.

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