Sawtooth Plate Roller Chains

Our Roller chains with Sawtooth plate are highly resistant to abrasion and are designed for optimum fatigue resistance. They are mainly used in the woodworking industry to transport raw timber and sawn boards. There are models of roller chains with sawtooth plate, which vary according to the field of use in the woodworking industry and are listed below.

All sawtooth plate chains are based on the minimum requirements specified in the ISO 606 standard. The chains are made of alloy tempered and case hardened steels. The actual process of all chain parts is optimized for size and application. You can benefit from our pre-sales and after-sales service for sawtooth plate roller chains at affordable prices, and you can contact us for detailed information and offers.

Sawtooth Plate Roller Chain Models

Roller chain 08B with sawtooth plate, 120 roller chain with sawtooth plate, 120B, 16B, 20B

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