Single Pin Articulated Reverse Teeth Chain

Single pin articulated reverse tooth chain To meet higher power transmission requirements such as vehicle transport systems, transmission chains in the form of reverse tooth chains are used. In addition to kinematically optimizing the threaded connections with the threaded teeth, the randomization principle is also applied, ie the fitting of threaded connecting plates with a different contour from the standard plates. Standard and non-standard link plates break the monotony of the contact pulses and as a result, the chain noise becomes unobtrusive.

Single pin articulated reverse tooth chains can be used for applications with very high power transmission requirements. The compact design and simplicity of this type of joint allow the production of highly efficient, inexpensive and performance-optimized chains. As ACS Power Transmission Systems, we exhibit the products of Iwis and provide pre- and post-sales service. You can fill out the form to request a quote with appropriate and quality assurance, and you can reach us by clicking the contact button for detailed information.

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