Tensioning and Guide Rails

Inexpensive single-component plastic rails for drives with moderate power requirements or lots of mounting space. They are technically advanced, weight-optimized solutions with fiberglass reinforced plastic, aluminum, magnesium and steel bodies. It has guide linings made of plastic, which reduces friction thanks to its optimized sliding surface.
Tension and guide rails are divided into 4 in their area:

  • 1-component plastic rails
  • 2-component plastic rails
  • 2-component tension rails with aluminum body and plastic coating
  • 2-component guide rails with steel body and plastic coating.

As our company Acs Power Transmission Systems, we offer reasonable prices and quality assurance to these products and product groups. You will be informed by our company by filling out the request form for the sale of tensioning and guide rails. For detailed information, the contact button will send you to us.

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