Accumulation Chains

The accumulation chains ensure trouble-free positioning of the transported goods and almost completely prevent the belt from jolting when it is fully started and stopped. The idler rollers on each side serve two purposes: first, they engage with toothed teeth to transmit power, and second, they support the chain on the guide rail. iwis offers a wide variety of spool chains in different performance classes.

Besides the classic accumulation chains under the iWis, JWIS and ELITE brand names, we offer offset low friction rollers, MEGAlife maintenance free accumulation chains, side spring accumulation chain versions, finger and splinter protected accumulation chains and accumulation chains at our cost. The models of the accumulation chains according to the usage area are specified on the page, and you can contact us for detailed information and sales.

Accumulation Chain Models

Spool chain 08B-Spool chain 08B-1 plastic – Conveyor roller with finger and splint protection – ELITE, Spool chain 08B-1 plastic – Conveyor roller with finger and piece guard – ELITE, Spool chain 12B, 16B, 2030, 2040, 2050, 2060, 2080, 208B, 212B, 216B

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