Bale Chains Hbc

As agricultural machinery is in continuous use outdoors and in all weather conditions, its components and systems are permanently exposed to the effects of dust, soil, cold and moisture. Its operational capabilities are also severely tested, for example, during longer out-of-service periods during the winter season. New ELITE brand roller chains have been specially developed as drive chains for combine harvester round balers.

A notable feature of these roller chains is their improved plate distribution, which increases fatigue strength. The pin undergoes a special heat treatment to reduce wear and the material matching of pin and bush is optimized. As always, chains are treated with a high-performance lubricant before leaving the factory. Our company offers pre-sales and after-sales services for the product of bale chains to reach you, and informs you with detailed information on our website. For reasonable price and quality assurance, you can use the request form or contact buttons.

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