Chain Sprockets

Chain gears are gear types that are used in situations where the distance between the axes is long and the rotational motion must be transferred at the same level. It comes to mind mostly from bicycle chains. High torque is achieved by using chain gear. This gear type is generally used in gear mechanisms that require high speed. We can say that it provides an advantage over other gear types due to the need to lubricate the sprocket. It is especially suitable for outdoor conditions and can work.

As ACS Power Transmission Systems, we manufacture and sell sprockets to all provinces and districts of Turkey. Our company, which produces standard and boutique gears from 10mm to 5 meters in diameter, is a company that aims to be a pioneer in the sector by serving many companies throughout Turkey, as can be understood from our references. We provide service with reasonable price and quality assurance by ensuring the satisfaction of our customers with our authorized service both before and after sales. Call now and take advantage of our advantageous prices.

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