Conveyor Chains

Conveyor chains, Conveying chains are used to move unit loads and bulk goods. We offer a wide range of conveyor chains for various purposes. Bush transport chains are often used to transport tasks involving long distances and relatively low speeds. Swivel chains for heavy-duty applications feature crank links for greater flexibility and improved cushioning of severe impacts. Most conveyor chains used in industry are not standard versions and we offer conveyor chains that are custom made to individual customer specifications.

The right chain for every conveyor application No other chain type is as versatile as conveyor chains and the product range reflects this versatility. Our company, which is the authorized service of Iwis Turkey, can supply conveyor chains and offers quality assurance at affordable prices with pre-sales and after-sales service opportunities. You can get detailed information by calling us.

Conveyor Chain Models

Bush conveyor chain FV112, FV140, FV180, FV250, FV315, FV40, FV63, FV90, M112, M160, M20, M224, M28, M315, M40, M450, M56, M80, Z100, Z160, Z300, Z40, Heavy duty Crank-link transmission chain RO 3, R0 3,5, R0 3b, R0 3c, R0 4, R0 4,5, R0 4b, R0 5b, Track Transport Chain 60, Roller deep link chain FVT112, FVT140, FVT180, FVT250, FVT315 , FVT140, FVT63, FVT90, MT112, MT160, MT20, MT224, MT28, MT315, Roller deep link chain MT40, MT450, MT56, MT80, Scraper conveyor chain FVR 112, 140, FVR 180, 250,40, FVR 63, 90 , MR 112, MR 160, MR224, 315, 56, MR 80, Spike chain 08b

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