Coupling Gears

Coupling gears connect two shafts of the same or different diameters, provide torque transmission, and are used to prevent motion transmission problems that may be caused by axial and angular misalignment. It offers ideal solutions in coupling gear power transmission systems. Threaded coupling application is used in paper and forestry, air handling unit, conveyors, chemical plants, mining, pump systems and other common industries.

As ACS Power Transmission Systems, we provide production/sales services to all provinces and districts in Turkey. We aim to be a pioneer in the sector as a solution partner in the gear coupling needs of many companies and in the entire gear category. We produce standard and boutique gears up to 10mm – 5 meters in diameter. We manufacture and sell coupling gears produced with expert and state-of-the-art equipment at affordable prices. We provide your satisfaction with our pre-sales and after-sales service and contribute to the country’s industry. You can click the contact button to get information about the production and sale of coupling gears.

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