Module Gears

Module gears are a machine element that is used to transfer motion and is threaded in various profiles. With gear wheels, it is possible to change the speed, direction, power and torque of the movement with a certain loss of efficiency. Module gears include spur gear, worm gear, sergeant gear, bevel gear, etc. divided into varieties. You cannot use one cogwheel alone, for a logical system there must be at least two cogs. The gear pair is a simple machine. There are gears in machines such as mechanical watches, bicycles, hand drills, automobile gearboxes.

Our company, as ACS Power Transmission Systems, provides services in the field of manufacturing and sales all over Turkey in the gear category. With its expert and professional team, it has been a solution partner for many companies in the gear category until today. We produce standard and boutique gears from 10mm to 5 meters in diameter. We offer quality assurance at affordable prices with the production of module gears, pre-sales service and we ensure your satisfaction. For sales and information about module gears, you can contact us by clicking the request form or the contact button.

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