Multiflex Chains

Multiflex chains can be distinguished by their high mobility in both horizontal and vertical bends. These extremely versatile plastic chains are renowned for their superior fatigue resistance in curved conveyor systems. Multiflex chains are typically used in manufacturing applications in the automotive industry, the automation and packaging industries, and the food industry.

SafeTop chain is a multiflex chain that remains completely closed in both vertical and horizontal bends. This not only reduces the risk of crushing at bends or where conveyors change direction, but also ensures maximum stability for products and workpiece carrier systems. Besides the closed geometry of the SafeTop chain, a number of open geometry chains with gimbal links are also available. You can fill in the request form of our company for Multiflex Chains and its sales, and you can contact us for detailed information.

Multiflex Chain Models

Multi-Flex Chain 1700, Multi-Flex Chain 1701, Multi-Flex Chain 5755

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