Plate Chains

Plate chains provide safe, gentle transport and accumulation of workpiece carriers and workpieces, its design allows for extremely tight curve radii, which provides much more economical use than other conveyor systems. Plate chains have special plates pressed directly into the chain pins, this guarantees an absolutely straight, stepless transport rail in the tightest spaces. The basic chain is fully encased, which prevents injury to the working crew and damage to the transported goods.

Low-noise accumulation and handling; wis plate chains guarantee a perfectly straight, stepless transport rail even in the tightest of spaces, ensuring the safe, gentle transport and stacking of items such as special plate shapes and materials, workpieces or workpiece carriers around the tightest bends, thus optimizing in confined spaces. carrier rails possible. For detailed information and sales about plate chains, you can contact us or fill out the form to request a quote.

Plate Chain Models

Plate chain M127/LR247 Vers.1, M127/LR247 Vers.2, M1611, LR4810

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