Plate Top Chains

Tabletop chains are a mix of steel roller chains and plastic plates and are an ingenious way to combine the advantages of both materials. Chains with a top plate use a high quality ELITE roller specially adapted for the transmission of pulling force. The product load is covered by plastic flights specifically designed for the respective application, enabling the use of the dry-running properties of plastic-to-plastic mating.

Top plate chains are based on roller chains from the ELITE range with extended pins in sizes ANSI40 and ANSI60. All ELITE starting lubricants are used for basic lubrication. The iwiDUR lubricant can be used for applications requiring wax lubrication. You can have plate top chain models and models at affordable prices with the advantage of quality assurance through our authorized service. For pre-sales and after-sales service, it will be sufficient to fill in the contact form or request a quote.

Plate Top Chain Models

Plate Top basic chain 40, 60, 1843, 1864, 1873, 1874, 843, 863

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