Side Spring Chains

The construction dimensions of the side spring chains follow the ISO 606 standard, so they can be used with standard sprockets. Depending on the application, side spring chains can be supplied with special lubricants or special coatings, or equipped with bent inserts, flat plastic conveyor plates or extended pins. Side spring roller chains are used in a wide variety of applications.

Side spring versions are also available with spool chains. Examples of its uses include conveyor technology, cleaning technology and industrial laundries, high-temperature plant environments, the textile industry, the packaging industry, logistics systems and the food and beverage industry. You can provide the models of side spring chains and products suitable for their areas of use by our company, and you can benefit from our pre-sales and after-sales services.

Side Spring Chain Models

Side spring chain 08B, 10B, 12B, 40, 43, 50, 60, 63, 80

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