Timing Gears

Timing gears are generally used to maintain the working distance between two gears. Timing gear is made with timing belt-pulleys, especially necessary for automation. The difference of the timing gear compared to the other gears is that while the other gears transmit high torque, the timing gear transmits less torque. It is used to transmit the position news, not to transmit torque with the timing gear. Since it does not transmit torque compared to other gears, the tooth depth is less.

As ACS Power Transmission Systems, we manufacture and sell standard and boutique gears from 10mm to 5 meters in diameter to all provinces and districts of Turkey. We contribute to the country’s industry by working with many companies in the field of gear manufacturing and sales. We provide services with reasonable prices and quality assurance in both production and sales areas through our professional team and equipment and authorized series. You can contact us by filling out the request form for the sale of sprockets for your company or by clicking the contact button.

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