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EPSA X15 White Goods Protection Styrofoam

Cement-based, improved, elastic waterproofing material with two-components resistant to light pedestrian traffic and which contains waterproofing chemical additives.
Safe use in wet spaces (bathrooms, toilets, under kitchen ceramics), ponds. Possibility of tiling on it (excellent compatibility with the cement-based ceramic adhesives)
  • Due to its elastic structure, resistance to subsiding and sustainability of the insulation.
  • EPSA X15 is easy to use and practical product.
  • Usable in the interior and exterior spaces.
  • Horizontal and vertical application from the direction of the flowing water.
  • Due to being white and UV resistant, it features sunlight reflective.
  • In the terraces, it can be left under light loads.
  • Usable in the swimming pools, drinking and utility water tanks, seawater channels.
  • Usable in flower bed insulation.
  • Due to its flexible structure, it does not create micro-cracks caused by thermal changes.

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